Our Secret to Successful Weight Loss

Our Secret to Successful Weight Loss

Our Secret to Successful Weight Loss

We have all heard our fair share of absurd weight loss advice, whether it is to go on a “baby food” diet or only consuming “special low calorie” cookies every day. 

As dieting becomes the norm in our society, many are beginning to adopt the thinking that being skinny is related to happiness, beauty, and success. 

They go on crazy diets — cutting out an immense amount of carbohydrates and sugar, instead loading on protein (because that “supposedly” helps to lose weight fast) and substituting meals with supplements. However, many people who go on a diet will gain the weight back, plus more. But, why?

Weight loss is simply not as straightforward as merely cutting down on food. 

In fact, plenty of other factors play as equally big a role as the type of food consumed. Our emotions, stress levels, mentality, physical and spiritual state — all contribute to the success (or possible failure) of our weight management journey. 

“Don’t you dare eat that slice of cake!”

“Go work off that ice-cream you just ate!” 

These are often the thoughts that run through our minds the minute we decide to “diet” which could potentially serve as obstacles to our success.

Results may show but they do not last. Ever.

Often, our mental health takes a toll and it won’t be long before we succumb to the foods we have “banned” ourselves to eat.


 “We cannot solve our problem with the same thinking we used when we created them”

– Albert Einstein

Building the proper mindset helps in our journey to successful weight loss.

Dr. Lam Wai Khin from HeartVoice panel of doctors shared with us 5 crucial steps in shifting away from a negative “diet” mindset to one that is more positive, healthy, and yet effective.

1. Tell yourself that the journey to a successful weight-loss is very complex and “it is not all your fault”.

It is common to face rebounds in weight however, you are NOT to blame.

Plenty of factors come into play before your food reaches your table that can affect your decision on what to consume. These are all of which are out of our control yet able to dictate our daily lifestyle habits, (and possibly) derail us from successfully losing weight.

Some of the most impactful are:

  • food and media marketing
  • accessibility to restaurants and fast-food chains
  • workplace food environment and working culture
  • peer pressure
  • eating habits dictated by your family (“We cooked so much for you, yet you had so little. Eat more!” is something I’m sure most of us grew up listening to)

2. Cultivate a positive psychology

Do not dwell on the idea of “losing weight” and “fixing yourself”. But rather, shift your attitude around weight loss into “gaining health”. A poor mindset is filled with loathing — focusing only on your flaws — and altogether, feeling bad about yourself and your body.

Dr. Lam emphasizes moving away from such destructive thinking to focusing on the good of weight loss, such as: better and longer health and prevention of diabetes and heart diseases.

3. Define your own unique outcomes

What is it you want to achieve?

To be able to run 3km without stopping?

Or to lose 10kg?

We each have different definitions of what a successful weight loss is. It is important to set your own goals to serve as your own motivational “checkpoints”, rather than let other people define your own success.

Understand that everybody’s body is different and what they achieve may not work for you. Do not feel discouraged and instead, let your goals guide you and continue working towards your ideal weight.

4. Define your own unique purposes

Focus on the why. 

Why do you want those results? Take the time to identify the reasons why you want to diet. Is it to stay healthy and fit or was it recommended to you by your doctor to prevent health complications?

Or are you doing it merely because you think you “have to look better” to fit into society’s unrealistic standard of beauty?

Recognizing these reasons will help you move forwards to a softer and more sustainable approach to food and your diet. 

5. Take passionate action

Your own personal safety is your responsibility.


Your body is your best friend and you owe it to yourself to stay safe. Only use information from reputable, trusted sources and medication supervised from legitimate clinics.

Do NOT turn to unsafe practices such as online drugs and starvation methods or follow “tips” shared by people with no strong medical background in your greed to achieve your “ideal” weight.

As you begin your journey to successful and healthy weight loss, our secret for you is:

There is no special way to lose weight fast. The truth is that no matter what weight-loss tips you decide to follow, without the proper mindset, your success around weight management is limited. 

So, practice positive thinking and love and trust your body. 

This is when weight loss will happen easily and naturally.

Lastly, but most importantly, the ultimate 3 ingredient combination to cook up a successful weight-loss is: adopting healthy eating habits, regular exercise, and the right mindset. Most of us tend to focus only on the first 2 and neglect the last.

However, only with a strong and stable mindset, are you ready to take on the challenge that is your diet.

About Dr. Lam Wai Khin:

A family physician with 20 years of experience, with a successful track record in helping patients manage their weight.

Begin your weight management journey together with Dr. Lam today! Sign up for his Weight Management Program in partnership with the HeartVoice wellness app to monitor your level of physical activity, body composition, sleep patterns, and more!

Medical Disclaimer* 

Content on HeartVoice Health Blog is provided only for general informational purposes and is not intended as, nor should it be considered a substitute for, professional medical advice. If you have been previously (or believe to be) diagnosed with a medical condition that requires special care, please contact your local healthcare provider for advice on how to lose weight safely. HeartVoice wishes you all the best in your weight loss journey!

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To fight against Covid-19, HeartVoice extends its Telehealth Platform

To fight against Covid-19, HeartVoice extends its Telehealth Platform

HeartVoice (Joint Venture of iAPPS and OMRON Healthcare) joins the fight against COVID-19 and extends its Telehealth platform to all healthcare providers in Singapore free-of-charge.

A Response to the Need for Remote Health Management

To support safe distancing amongst the public and contribute to the evolving COVID-19 situation, HeartVoice will extend its Telehealth platform to all healthcare providers.

Leveraging on the expertise and industry experiences of both iAPPS and OMRON Healthcare, HeartVoice brings together a suite of healthcare technological solutions in the form of remote patient monitoring, kiosk* and teleconsultation – all integrated into a secure and user-friendly platform


Remote Patient Monitoring

In the comfort of their homes, patients can choose to manually enter their vital signs using the free HeartVoice App or track them using Bluetooth-enabled devices with instantaneous transfer of that data to their Doctor’s Dashboard. Healthcare providers can also adopt the use of HeartVoice kiosk in their clinics to help patients seamlessly capture their vital signs and keep track of their records.

Healthcare providers can in turn obtain real-time and reliable vital signs recordings at a glance and customise an accurate personalised treatment plan for their patients. The Doctor Dashboard also allows for healthcare providers to set thresholds, sort and filter patients to perform necessary interventions.

Seamless Telemedicine Experience

Aside from Remote Patient Monitoring, HeartVoice provides a comprehensive Teleconsultation solution. Key features include an integrated appointment booking system, high quality video consultation experience, personalised medication delivery and a secure online payment gateway.

An early adopter of HeartVoice’s Telehealth platform, Adj Asst/Prof Lim Hong Shen, Medical Director of A Medical Clinic, Everton Park remarked “The COVID-19 pandemic has brought significant challenges to our healthcare systems and in particular its mode of delivery.  Telemedicine has certainly taken on a new significance in today’s delivery of healthcare and it is important that we implement it safely and effectively.”

To support the larger healthcare community in the fight against COVID-19, HeartVoice will be waiving its platform fees until July 31, 2020, so that healthcare professionals can provide teleconsultation services to their patients without any upfront investment. Every provider will be guided throughout the setup process by HeartVoice’s support team to ensure a seamless onboarding.

In addition, for participating healthcare providers who successfully enrol with the HeartVoice Telehealth platform by 1st of June 2020, Heartvoice will provide its health kiosk till 31st of July 2020 at no cost.

*HeartVoice kiosk is a compact kiosk that consists of OMRON Bluetooth-enabled blood pressure and body composition monitors connected to an iPad with deployed HeartVoice application. At the kiosk, patients can monitor their health vitals, such as blood pressure and heart rate, synchronizing their health readings to their HeartVoice personalised app

For Doctors > Start using HeartVoice Telehealth platform to treat your patients now: 

For Patients -> Check with your Doctor whether they use HeartVoice Platform, or visit HeartVoice website for more information.

About HeartVoice

HeartVoice is a joint venture by iAPPS Pte Ltd and OMRON Healthcare Co. Ltd.

Having collaborated with ActiveSG for years, iAPPS has the technology expertise to offer booking and payment services to more than 1.8 million users in Singapore. OMRON Healthcare is a global corporation and leading manufacturer of medical devices, such as blood pressure monitors.

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LabCrawl: Connecting the dots between rural and urban realities

LabCrawl: Connecting the dots between rural and urban realities

LabCrawl: Connecting the dots between rural and urban realities

Hosted by MUFG, FinTech Lab Crawl explored ways of connecting the dots between rural and urban realities using FinTech solutions.

There were 3 main focus areas

1. How FinTech innovations can help provide smallholder such as farmers with easier access to formal financial services, like bank loans and investments.Our parent company, iAPPS Pte Ltd was involved in Panel Discussion, showcasing its latest GIVB app that connects farmers with loan givers. It helps chains stakeholders in the agri-food supply chain actors to build their green score and credit score by capturing and analysing related data to get them ready for financing.

2. The next topic looked at the challenges and opportunities faced by SMEs in urban and rural areas.

In this discussion, CEO of iAPPs, Lilian Koh, were helping us understand what financial challenges SMEs face when it comes to KYC process, fundings and compliances.

Meanwhile, Silot Ai team was showcasing their automated solution for banks and merchants to help various parties with quick onboarding, secure payment processes and financial reach expansion.

3. The final topic was dedicated to connecting the urban and rural realities in the HealthCare sector. 


Virendra S., President – OMRON Asia Pacific has shared Omron’s vision about the importance of health monitoring tools, and how less industrialised areas adopt preventive measurements on a local, as well as national level. 


Where in the urban ecosystem, how HeartVoice as a corporate wellness solution is helping raise awareness about the importance of active monitoring. Providing every employee an opportunity of knowing their own vital health statistics on a regular basis.

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