Getting Started

1. Can I download and use the HeartVoice App?

Our corporate wellness program is offered to members of registered organizations. If your company is not registered with us, send us your request and we will schedule a demo at your workplace.

2. How can I get a HeartVoice account if my company has registered for HeartVoice program?
  • Register your interest with your company’s Human Resource Manager 
  • A Welcome Email will be sent to you
  • Follow the instructions in the email and you are good to go!
3. What has OMRON connect got to do with HeartVoice?
  • HeartVoice uses OMRON connect to manage logins in order to keep your measurement data taken with OMRON devices safe and up-to-date. 
  • If you already have an OMRON connect account before using HeartVoice, please use that account to login. If not, please use the account from the Welcome Email created for you.
4. Can I login to HeartVoice with my OMRON connect account?

Yes, you can. When you are logging in, please select [Sign in with existing account] and Login with your personal OMRON connect account

5. Do I need to use both HeartVoice and OMRON connect applications?

HeartVoice and OMRON connect are 2 separate applications. 

HeartVoice can be used without OMRON connect application. However, if you want to connect your office data with your home devices, OMRON connect (found in App Store/Play Store) is required  in order to sync data from your home devices to your HeartVoice application

6. Must I own an OMRON device to use Heart Voice?

A home device (Bluetooth® connected OMRON device) is recommended but not mandatory. 

Feel free to take measurements at HeartVoice office kiosks. However, a home device (Bluetooth® connected device) is necessary for taking measurements at home, and for some in-app programs, such as MEWC Program.

7. Can non-OMRON products be used to measure blood pressure or weight together with HeartVoice app?

Unfortunately, Only Bluetooth® connected OMRON products are compatible with HeartVoice mobile app.

8. Is my data kept confidential?

Yes, please read and consent to the terms & conditions in our application for more details before use. If your company is using HeartVoice as part of HeartVoice corporate package, statistics may be presented on a corporate level.

Office Kiosk

1. What is HeartVoice office Kiosk?

HeartVoice office kiosks are compact and mobile stations where every employee can easily take their measurements at the kiosks conveniently located in offices, connecting their personal HeartVoice app to the kiosk.

2. How do I use the Kiosk?

Step 1

At HeartVoice Kiosk home screen, tap on the [Take Measurement] button.


Step 2 

Open your HeartVoice app and press [Kiosk], scan QR code on HeartVoice kiosk home screen obtained in Step 1. Once your devices are connected, begin your measurements and follow the instructions on the Kiosk screen until your session ends.

3. For any enquiries / technical issues relating to kiosk

Kindly contact

Tel: 65941381
Email: [email protected]

HeartVoice App

If my organization is not registered with HeartVoice, can I still use the app?

The app will be available for the public to download in March 2020. Kindly submit your interest to [email protected] and we will notify you!